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© 2019-2020 Heather Carter

“I am the sea and nobody owns me”

I am a Mermaid, Crystal and Soul Lore Facilitator, Yogini and a Conscious Creator Being.

Photos by tedsilverberg.com, Lisa Denning, Jamie Padgett


"I've had many teachers of spirituality and personal transformation from a plethora  of varied paths. They all have added direction and wisdom. Heather Carter is a unique being. What I have learned from her is the most valuable gem of all, how, through direct experience of one's own true essence, to BE the spiritual experience.

She shines and transmits a direct frequency from an authentic place. This connection elevates the consciousness of those in her atmosphere. Hers is a dual path of true spiritual seeker and adept in the material world, not avoiding it. Many magical moments have happened in her presence. When she reached a place and explained to me that all the paths and constructs taught to advance ones experience can be dropped and the end place she rested is in her very own being.  I didn't get it then but she showed no judgement...years later I arrived at the same place and it was easier to embrace because she had already 'taught me of it”.

So, if you are interested in immersing in a journey of the real and very magical world around you, Heather would be that guide."

~Ann Marie Hudson

a true spiritual seeker

she is a student first

she embodies her teachings


mother earth 

deeply connected to earth teachings

is willing to be fully exposed and vulnerable

owns her full power as a woman


meets you where you are


holds space with love, care and respect 

gives all of herself


true healer

~Lainie Devina-Goldberg

Mermaid Heather is true magic! My 2.5 year old had a mermaid half birthday, and 3 months later is still talking about it. Whenever we pass the ocean she asks if her mermaid lives there. Heather is the best addition to a party you could ever imagine. She takes a party and makes it magical ~ Alexis Crouse