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© 2019-2020 Heather Carter

Welcome to my site!
Hello! My name is Heather Carter. I live a sweet and beautiful life in Malibu, California on Sacred Chumash Indian Land with my life Partner Ted.
I am a Mermaid, A Soul Lore facilitator, and a Yogini, to mention a few things. I am also a Conscious Creator Being.

As a life long Cosmic Voyager of all things unusual and different regarding Spiritual and Paranormal matters, I was guided to explore many different life, work and spiritual paths. This journey took me to traveling the world as a professional dancer and teacher, living in and exploring sacred sights all over this beautiful planet.
 All of those adventures shaped me and my views and understanding of life.

Where I am today is with a remembering and knowing of who I am, what I am here to achieve this lifetime and the willingness to step out in the world and share my wisdom with whoever relates and desires support.

So please explore my offerings to Humanity. I am an Alchemyst, a blend of all ways I live on this beautiful Earth, not defined by just one thing. My goal is to be of contribution to Humanity in the most authentic and organic ways I know.

With Love and Gratitude,
Heather Carter