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My love affair with Crystals, Stones and Minerals began as a child. I collected rocks and have always been fascinated by the energies they carry.  Throughout the years, I worked with them in Natural Ways, cultivating a deep relationship. This deeper inquiry, lead me to a lifelong Passion with Crystal Beings  and their associated Kingdoms and Queendoms. They have always been held in high regard in all cultures throughout the ages for good reason.

 I have always known intuitively that Crystals can be used for programming and storing energy. They are Transducers, Transmitters and Keepers of light and information. Silica chips have been used in watches and computers for this reason. That is why is extremely important to work with them in a highly discerning way.

Exploring and utilizing Crystals in my life for 50 plus years, I am certain that the Medicine they hold can be Helpful, Transformative and a beautiful companion to ones Spiritual Life, If properly cultivated with your Soul and your Greater Being.

Crystals can bring comfort to our homes and spaces. And working with them or wearing them can help facilitate great change and healing.

After years of Careful Discovery and massive amounts of Discernment, I now work with The Crystal Realms in a Natural Way.  I Co -Create Relationship with the Crystal and Mineral Beings by connecting in to the Origin of Silica, it’s molecular structure and intended connection as a companion to work together with humanity.

It is my innerstanding that we, as humanity, need to move beyond the distortions and the New Age Dogma that surrounds and infiltrates this whole realm.

With my years of cultivated Wisdom, I can help you discover and learn about their origins and purpose and how these beautiful beings can be of contribution to your life.

My Session includes:


  • I will come to your home , business or space to assess what you’d like to co-create/manifest with the crystals. Skype and phone sessions also available.

  • I have access to Very high quality Crystals and Gems from all over the world. Small to large and everything in between

  • Take you with me, or go purchase the appropriate stones for you based on what you’d like to create/manifest with your budget and needs in mind.

  • We will work together to cleanse them, arrange and place them in the appropriate and desired spaces in your environment to create the best possible outcome.

  • Show you how to cultivate relationship and discernment with your crystal beings so you get the most out of your experience with them.

               Contact Me for Pricing and further info