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© 2019-2020 Heather Carter

Do You Believe in MERMAIDS?

My journey as a Mermaid began as child of wonder. Swimming in lakes, Oceans and Rivers. I Played with the Mermaids, Faeries and Nature Spirits in the Wild.

I always knew I had Mermaid in me and have never let anyone drum that knowing out of me.
My professional Dance career lead me to being the Mermaid in a 10,000 gallon tank in a show called “Splash” in the early 90’s in Las Vegas. Since then, I knew I would get my own Mermaid tail and swim with the beings of the Sea.

I am blessed to swim in the ocean daily, all year round, in a bathing suit in all weather conditions. This training has brought me a deep, very real and beautiful connection to The Lady of the Sea and all who dwell in her Sacred Waters.

 I purchased my own custom made Mermaid tail from Merbella Studios in 2014, and have been delighting and entertaining children and adults alike by the Sea and at pools since then.
My unique approach to Mermaid sightings by the Sea, and Pool parties, is to help children remember and keep alive the life of dreams and knowing that Mermaids do exist and are indeed real. My purpose and intention as a Mermaid is to help people remember their Sea origins, respect the ocean and all her beings, to help them learn to connect with the sea on a personal level to help alleviate fears of the water and to create a mutual love and respect so as to have a beautiful connection and experience with the sacred waters of life on this earth.



Parties include a handmade Sea necklace for the birthday girl or boy.
2 hours of play, learning about the sea and ways to respect and honor her and fun swimming techniques with a mermaid tail or fin.
I am CPR certified and available for film and television as well.

Please contact me for details and Pricing.

With Love and Sea Kisses,

Heather Mermaid