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Soul: The Spiritual part of a human being regarded as Infinite
Lore: A Body of oral traditions and knowledge passed from person to person.


Soul Lore is for individuals who want to make definitive and real changes to their life and reality through Self-Referential awareness and Deep Soul Work.

 I have organically developed Soul Lore from many years of my own Deeper Spiritual Inquiry.
 My personal exploration into all things spiritual, (I have left no stone unturned), eventually lead me back to ME and my Heart Soul Essence.

I live and function beyond ALL DoctrineReligionsSpiritual Modalities and most important, the Chakra SystemPineal Gland and Kundalini programs as ways of Spiritual Enlightenment. I access and source myself from within my own Internal Heart Guidance, with life and my conscious daily experiences as my teachers and sources of wisdom. Moving beyond these rampantly disseminated Spiritual Programs has freed me up to be REAL!

With this ancient remembrance, I help individuals make realistic changes to their life using proactive and very simple techniques. Through self-discovery the gems of truth and life are revealed. Life gets easier and sweeter as we connect deeper within our REAL and Authentic Selves.

 Each session is unique to the person as to what each soul’s journey requires. I am highly intuitive and have a compassionate and authentic way of pinpointing issues in people and helping them become self-referential in their own discovery of their true Soul Self.

Ways Soul Lore can be of contribution to your life:

* REAL HeartSoul Essence Cultivation

* Helping to Balance the Mind and Heart and get out of repetitive OCD thought loops.

* Learning to make the acquaintance and cultivate a relationship with your Greater Being/Higher Self.

* Remembering our true nature beyond what we have been told about who we are by ReligionEducation and Society
* Reconnecting with our bodies with simple Breath Techniques, Fresh Air, and Earthing.

* Helping to cultivate a personal relationship with our own Eco system, the EarthSunNature and All Life
* Relief and Reconciliation from Traumas, PTSD, Anomalous Trauma’s, Drug Use and Mental Health Issues

* Powerful Closure Technique to Transcend Unhealthy Relationships with PeopleSubstances, Food etc.


* Connecting back in to being Natural Women and Natural Men beyond the Priest/Priestess and Goddess/GodPrograms
Let's share Soul Lore and Co- Create together!


Sessions are done in person, on Skype or over the phone.
 Email for pricing


 I suffered from major anxiety. Medication didn't help, it only caused more issues and side effects. A friend recommended that I seek treatment from Heather Carter. Literally after one visit, my anxiety was gone!


Heather was able to quickly identify the origin of my issue. She asked me specific questions, and worked with redirecting the energy back into alignment with the emotional/physical parts of myself. I immediately felt relief, it was like a yoga session but for the deepest parts of my being.


I continue to see Heather, as she helps me stay in balance through her wide array of techniques. This therapy  is not a "one size fits all" approach. Each individual has their own unique physical and energetic footprint. She combines her loving energy, practical knowledge and healing gifts to work effectively with each client. Heather has truly been a lifesaver! 

~Andrina Simboli